“The illusive group have those gorgeous, chilled London Grammar vibes, but are a tad funkier beneath the surface – and we just can’t get enough. Having already made a solid name for themselves over in the States, it’s just a matter of time until luhx’s alternative R&B vibes come across the pond. Keep your eye on this lot, because we feel they’re going to be huge.”
— JANINE WRIGHT - Noise Porn (Dec. 2, 2016)
“It’s definitely going to appeal to those fans, and likely a whole bunch more. So yeah, conclusion: 10/10. Solid track that pulls from all the right places.”
— Jason Grishkoff, Indie Shuffle (Nov 17, 2016)
“The band name originated with a fascination of the word “lux,” though they eventually made everything lowercase and added an “h” and a period at the end — a trend they’ve used in song titles, as well. “We liked the look of it,” they write. “It gave us the sense that whatever was written was already started elsewhere. We are huge believers that everything in the past isn’t important enough to dwell on. But instead, to stay focused on what you have in the present moment and be determined, driven and passionate enough to finish in a new light. Thus, ‘luhx.’”
— Julia Naman, Atwood Magazine (Mar 10, 2016)
“Based in Boston across the pond this synth-soul group named Luhx are creating a melancholy mix of powerful and transfixing sounds.”
— Secret Scout (Mar 02, 2016)
“They call their sound “synth-soul” and that describes it already pretty well. The song is beautifully crafted and the vocals are amazing and rather unique for this kind of “chill-pop”, you’d rather expect them on Broadway or so. And then there are the striking lyrics”
— Elke Nominikat, glamglare (Mar 02, 2016)
“luhx. delivers silken resplendence and fragile delicacy... Emotively captivating vocals and a soft, gentle groove evoke Brooklyn’s WET alongside a softly glowing Shura warmth, while some of Kevin Garrett’s tingles inducing soulfulness commingles with a crisp pop appeal reminiscent of Sara Bareilles’ heart wrenching piano ballads of yore... a must watch band as the year continues to slowly unfurl.”
— Amy Huang, I Heart Moosiq (Feb 10, 2016)
“They have layers and shades beyond the right of anyone...Like a more pop-leaning Wet, there’s a killer female vocal that moves and haunts in all sorts of ways.”
— Press Play Ok (Feb 10, 2016)
“Alternative R&B band from Boston, MA Luhx makes music that will both soothe your soul and inspire you simultaneously. With the perfect mix of male and female vocals, beautiful instrumentation, and tight production... easily one of my favorite submissions. With a heavy soul influence, the group pairs melancholy lyrics with an undeniable groove to create the most haunting music. It’s the kind of music that will stay with you, and warrants revisiting.”
— Kayvan Daragheh, Good Music All Day (Dec 29, 2015)
“Boston based act luhx. has the last word in minimal soul pop and rnb mix representation... At a slow tilt it spreads an introvert but still rebus-like sound that may go deep in your mind scrabbling an intrusio version of what’s heart break actually, not presumably.”
— Cloudberry Mornings (Aug 13, 2015)
“When I talk about music that I really like, I often end up mentioning the ‘vibe.’ It’s hard to describe why a song has a great or particular vibe, but you just know it when you hear one. When I had the opportunity to hear luhx, I instantly fell into a calm, contemplative, relaxed mood. “
— Jonah Ollman, Sound of Boston (Jul 20, 2015)