Atwood Magazine: Let “poison.” by luhx. by your new break-up song

“The band name originated with a fascination of the word “lux,” though they eventually made everything lowercase and added an “h” and a period at the end — a trend they’ve used in song titles, as well. “We liked the look of it,” they write. “It gave us the sense that whatever was written was already started elsewhere. We are huge believers that everything in the past isn’t important enough to dwell on. But instead, to stay focused on what you have in the present moment and be determined, driven and passionate enough to finish in a new light. Thus, ‘luhx.’” For anyone with excellent sleuthing skills: luhx. has primarily two people (one man and one woman) writing and singing on tracks, though they are a five-piece band based in Boston. Call me when you have any leads. And for anyone in the mood to be artistically dramatic, allow “Poison” to be the new soundtrack for your sorrows.”