Noise Porn - luhx. - no rush.

“Super skilled Boston hailing trio luhx have just dropped the follow-up to their summery single in the form of “No Rush”, which is set to do incredibly well. The illusive group have those gorgeous, chilled London Grammar vibes, but are a tad funkier beneath the surface – and we just can’t get enough. Having already made a solid name for themselves over in the States, it’s just a matter of time until luhx’s alternative R&B vibes come across the pond. Keep your eye on this lot, because we feel they’re going to be huge.”


High Clouds - luhx. - no rush.

“Boston-based act luhx. is back with a new track, “no rush.“, I think it’s safe to say they’ve got that moody, indie pop thing down pat. luhx. puts on an amazing live show, (I can personally attest to this, they opened for Lido when he stopped by Berklee not too long ago) and the energy that they were able to uphold on stage transitions smoothly off the stage as well. There’s a certain energy to “no rush” that builds from within; perhaps it’s the calm assortment of textures that open up the track, which slowly transitions into a focus on some impressively well-written lyrics. “no rush.” chorus is this vibrant, fiery dash that adds the final touch to the whole track that makes it absolutely breathtaking. Although not the band’s debut track, it definitely showcases the promise they have as a breakout act.”

Ruth Jiang - High Clouds

Going Solo - luhx. - no rush.

“Boston faceless trio luhx have dropped the follow-up to their summery single more. It’s called no rush and conveys the same vibe of acts such as Oh Wonder or Jack Garratt. Actually, musically speaking, this song stands halfway between the sound of the two acts previously mentioned, taking the band’s alt-R&B roots towards a new electro/future-soul approach. Listen below.”

Mattia Villa - Going Solo

Indie Shuffle - luhx. - no rush.

“Tom Misch and Carmody deserve a lot of credit for pushing this sound, but luhx. seem to have made it all their own with this new single "no rush." Interestingly enough, the pitch I received mentioned two others as driving influences (Oh Wonder and Jack Garratt), and I suppose I can't really disagree on that count either. It's definitely going to appeal to those fans, and likely a whole bunch more. So yeah, conclusion: 10/10. Solid track that pulls from all the right places.”

Jason Grishkoff - Indie Shuffle

Press Play OK - luhx. - no rush.


"We’ve covered Boston’s luhx. on here before, but even we weren’t prepared for how massive their new track was going to be. No Rush is an absolute monster of a song, the boy-girl vocal dynamic clicking with utter smoothness before the first chorus… and then you’re walloped with an absolute monster of a second one. Keep your eye on this lot, because they feel like they’re going to be huge."

Press Play Ok

Cloudberry Mornings - luhx. - no rush.


“Couldn't ask for more as luhx. segues things they do. Opening once again their shrine, the new sizzling tune, more. conjures up the most amazing oneiric vision so far. It renders an addiction and a deep interest in how the love would turn out, let's say, in those brilliant 80s in Miami. Such sax-sexy and sultry theme ought to be heard.”

Cloudberry Mornings


Cloudberry Mornings - luhx. - more.

"Couldn't ask for more as luhx. segues things they do. Opening once again their shrine, the new sizzling tune, more.conjures up the most amazing oneiric vision so far. It renders an addiction and a deep interest in how the love would turn out, let's say, in those brilliant 80s in Miami. Such sax-sexy and sultry theme ought to be heard."

- Cloudberry Mornings


"When I talk about music that I really like, I often end up mentioning the ‘vibe.’ It’s hard to describe why a song has a great or particular vibe, but you just know it when you hear one. When I had the opportunity to hear the debut single from local act luhx, I instantly fell into a calm, contemplative, relaxed mood. The track, “Mess,” which is actually about a messy relationship (something not so relaxing), has an R&B feel to it and a sparse hip-hop beat over bright plucked strings and a variety of synths. Then, in comes a chopped up vocal line, that, while only singing one sentence, slowly reveals throughout the track what the whole line is."

Cloudberry Mornings - luhx. - mess.

“I'm not ready to futz around; you should hear me out. Boston based act luhx. has the last word in minimal soul pop and rnb mix representation sharing newly written single called mess. At a slow tilt it spreads an introvert but still rebus-like sound that may go deep in your mind scrabbling an intrusio version of what's heart break actually, not presumably.”


“Largely influenced by Jack Garratt, Sylvan Esso and Allen Stone, the up-and-coming Boston, MA-based indie R&B/indie electro pop duo luhx. have a sound that will likely capture the attention of the blogosphere. As you’ll hear on their latest single “Stay For The Night,” the duo pairs a tight yet remarkably breezy groove based around finger snaps, strummed guitar, stormy piano keyboards, swirling electronics and hip-hop influenced drum programming with ethereal harmonies singing deeply melancholy lyrics, seemingly drawn from the songwriters’ lives. In the case of this single, the song’s narrator(s) are pleading with an equally troubled soul that they will protect them. And for such young songwriters, the devotion within the song seems beyond their years and deeply affecting.”

Good Music All Day: #FreshPicks

“Alternative R&B band from Boston, MA Luhx makes music that will both soothe your soul and inspire you simultaneously. With the perfect mix of male and female vocals, beautiful instrumentation, and tight production “Stay For The Night” is easily one of my favorite submissions. With a heavy soul influence, the group pairs melancholy lyrics with an undeniable groove to create the most haunting music. It’s the kind of music that will stay with you, and warrants revisiting.”

Site of Sound: luhx. - stay for the night.

“For someone living in a culturally rich city like Boston, I don’t cover nearly as much music here as I probably should. It is why I’m excited that our submission of the week is going to a new band out of this great city called luhx. The members attend Berklee College of Music and ‘Stay For The Night’ is their new single. I don’t know much beyond that, as the band wants to keep this project a secret to get an unbiased opinion of the music. Fair enough, the tune speaks for itself, a bit of soulful and slow burning R&B that will remind some of recent successes Oh Wonder.”

I Heart Moosiq: [PREMIERE]: luhx. - poison

“There’s a new synth-soul band from Boston, Massachusetts who’s about to leave you in shambles with their haunting new song, Poison. Inspired by the likes of Jack Garratt, Allen Stone, and Oh Wonder, luhx. delivers silken resplendence and fragile delicacy on the beautiful gem. Poison is far to marvelously moving a piece to be venomous, except perhaps to the heart itself, its pointed darts dripping in tender, lovelorn anguish. Emotively captivating vocals and a soft, gentle groove evoke Brooklyn’s WET alongside a softly glowing Shura warmth, while some of Kevin Garrett’s tingles inducing soulfulness commingles with a crisp pop appeal reminiscent of Sara Bareilles’ heart wrenching piano ballads of yore. Poison is a stunning song, a treasure whose glimmering polish lures us blissfully into its bittersweet entanglement. It’s also a reverberating statement from a very exciting new Boston act, a must watch band as the year continues to slowly unfurl.”

Glamglare: Song Pick: luhx. - poison.

“We take it more slowly on this Wednesday morning with “poison.”, an alluring new song by luhx. from Boston. They call their sound “synth-soul” and that describes it already pretty well. The song is beautifully crafted and the vocals are amazing and rather unique for this kind of “chill-pop”, you’d rather expect them on Broadway or so. And then there are the striking lyrics: “I lay down // Just to see what you would feel like next to me // I know now”… Listen to our Song Pick of the Day, enjoy “poison.””