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We are luhx.


"luhx. delivers silken resplendence and fragile delicacy. Emotively captivating vocals and a soft, gentle groove evoke Brooklyn’s WET alongside a softly glowing Shura warmth, while some of Kevin Garrett’s tingles inducing soulfulness commingles with a crisp pop appeal reminiscent of Sara Bareilles’ heart wrenching piano ballads of yore.” -I Heart Moosiq


The synth-soul band formed in Boston, pairs their undeniable groove with melancholy lyrics to create haunting tunes. The voices of luhx. are strikingly unique guaranteeing each song leaves you hungry for the next. After mastering music, studying at Berklee College of Music and designing their own interactive live 3-D visuals, luhx. is Boston’s must see act. Mixing the rawness and passion in soul music with the energy of modern electronic music, they bring their high energy and multimedia experience to any stage. It wasn’t long before they shared bills with Lido, Los Elk, Brynn Elliot and were featured in events like Spotify’s Women in Music Showcase and Sofar Sounds. From sold out clubs to intimate living room shows, luhx. is a vibrant four piece that can be found deeply connecting with their fans across the globe.